Secure the Sats

Log #0002 / SideShift Plugin for BTCPay Server, a non KYC way to (kind of) accept altcoins as a payment method

Posted by on 1.30.22 in logs

I’ve recently been playing around with the latest BTCPay Server update 1.4.x and found something that I believe is a MAJOR game changer for folks who have been running into a bit of friction when it comes to accepting payments from clients who use alt coins. Previously BTCPay Server has accepted direct integrations for a […]

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Log #0001 / “Streaming” Sats, value for value content model, and why it’s the future

Posted by on 4.30.21 in logs

Hopping back on the horse again. I’ve been playing around with Lightning Network (LN) a lot lately, which if you’re unfamiliar is a Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for the Bitcoin blockchain.  At a high level some of the key benefits of this solution are: 1.) Lower transaction (tx) fees 2.) Microtransactions There are other […]

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Log #0000 / A Memoir For The Sat Stacker

Posted by on 1.6.21 in logs

As the crypto bull market starts to hit it’s stride I’ve observed a lot of people unsure of when to buy, trying to perfectly time swings in the market to maximize gains.  While this is an understandable position, I believe it’s a fools errand.  Even traders seasoned over many decades cannot perfectly time the market, […]

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